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Creators of a new sensor say that the sweat will tell everything about your health

The University of California has developed a special sensor system that is able to evaluate the changes in electrolytes and metabolites, as well as the level of heavy metals by means of a human sweat. According to Xinhua, scientists have combined innovative materials, sensor technology and integrated electronic circuits. The result was a unique product.

The system was printed on the plastic which was then inserted into wristbands and headbands. This system did not interfere with a person and allowed to collect data on metabolic markers in real time. The sensors are electrodes evaluating the voltage as the measure of electrolytes concentration.

The electrodes differ from one another depending on what connection they are designed to detect. Since a lot depends on the temperature, the system constantly calibrates sensors for the reason that they accurately record compounds concentrations as sweat temperature changes.

Currently the system is able to detect and track half dozen of chemical markers in the sweat. This was proved by tests on cyclists. The system adequately showed sudden changes in concentrations of electrolytes, metabolites and in the skin temperature. For example, it was able to record fluctuations in the levels of sodium, potassium, calcium, glucose, lactate and heavy metals. This information was sent to a phone and other mobile device by Bluetooth.

According to the developers, this system will help diabetics to control sugar levels periodically. Also the system may help other patients and athletes who do not always notice the signs of fatigue and dehydration.

Source: Xinhua.