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Defeating Clostridiosis

The biotech company Vedanta Biosciences and its candidate VE303 have demonstrated success in treating infections caused by Clostridioides difficile. VE303 is an oral eight component probiotic. It was designed on the basis of 8 strains of live bacteria that were grown in cell banks. They are used for the therapeutic reconstruction of intestinal microflora, which helps to get rid of clostridiosis.

VE303 has managed to reduce the risk of recurrence of infection by 31% compared to placebo CI phase 2. The efficacy was shown with the highest dose of the experimental drug. VE303 is able to replace the need for fecal transplants, which are the remedies designed to repopulate the intestine with friendly bacteria resistant to pathogens. Therefore, there is no need for donors when using the VE303.


Source: Evaluate Pharma