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Discovery: antibiotics promote bacterial growth

A repeated antibiotic therapy not only makes the bacteria resistant to drugs, but also helps them to reproduce faster than before. It is found by scientists from the University of Exeter. The scientists carried out a study on E.coli, which can cause severe abdominal pain, diarrhea and renal failure in people, The Hans India reports.

In the study the bacterium was subjected to eight courses of antibiotic treatment. The experts have noticed that the drug-resistance of E.coli increased each time. In addition, the scientists have found that the reproduction in mutated bacteria became faster than before treatment. As a result, they were three times greater.

These changes have occurred only in those bacteria with antibiotics exposure. New abilities remained even when the medication therapy had been discontinued. The researchers emphasize that doctors should try to find appropriate antibiotics for their patients as soon as possible.

Source: MEDdaily