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Discovery: dietary supplements containing vitamin D can save you from death

Studies have shown that such supplements reduce the mortality rate caused by cancer, "Vademecum" reports. Scientists believe that it is critically important for cancer patients to maintain a normal level of vitamin D. Statistics shows that cancer patients often suffer from vitamin D deficiency. For residents of northern countries, this is especially important, because vitamin D is produced by the body due to sunlight. However, not everyone can boast about abundance of the liver, eggs and oily fish (sources of vitamin D) in the diet.

Fortunately, vitamin D deficiency can be replenished with regular dietary supplements. The scientists have estimated that if you take such supplements daily for three years, the risk of death caused by any type of cancer can be reduced by 13%. A combination of vitamin D and statins (reduce cholesterol concentration) reduces the risk of prostate cancer death by 40%.

The scientists emphasize that taking of vitamin D is not a therapy, but cancer prevention. They propose to enrich food with vitamin D. Some countries are already doing this. For instance, the United States, Canada, Finland, Australia and Sweden enrich milk and bread with vitamin D.

Source: "Vademecum"