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Discovery: gout increases the risk of developing dementia

Gout is a metabolic disorder. Accumulation of urate crystals in the form of sodium monoaurate or uric acid occurs in the joints and various tissues of the body resulting inflammation and pain. Scientists of the University of Alabama have associated gout with dementia, Psych Central reports.

The scientists have analyzed the data of 1.23 million people. 65325 volunteers suffered from dementia. The scientists have revealed that people with gout had 17-20% increased risk of developing dementia. The researchers took into account the factors that could affect the results. Gout most significantly increased the likelihood of dementia in women, elderly and those who had many other diseases.

By the way, people who adhere to Western diet consisting of fatty foods, meat and sweet, are more likely to suffer from gout. In addition, scientists from the Harvard Medical School have analyzed the data of 44,444 men between the ages of 40 and 75 years and established that the consumption of fruits, vegetables and cereal reduces the risk of gout by 32%.

Source: Psych Central