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Discovery: the immune system works like the brain

According to Xinhua, scientists from the National University of Australia have discovered a unique activity of the human immune system. This discovery can help to cure autoimmune diseases, lymphomas and immune deficiencies.

For the first time it was proved that immune cells include neurotransmitters such as dopamine. Earlier scientists believed that only the brain has such transmitters. Now the scientists believe that these revealed neurotransmitters can become an ideal target for drug therapy in order to accelerate or inhibit the body's immune response.

The scientists have tested more than 200 samples of tissues taken from children who had been recently removed the glands. A transition of dopamine from immune T cells to B cells by means of synaptic interaction was analyzed thoroughly. In the same way as it happens in neurons, the transition of

dopamine from one immune cell to another gives an additional "motivation" to B cells. As a result, powerful antibodies which relieve infection are produced. Probably, the strength of this reaction can be managed.

Source: Xinhua