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Doctors: some people just need to take Vitamin E

Most of all Vitamin E is needed for the people with metabolic syndrome. This vitamin is an antioxidant and it is essential for the protection of cells, Xinhua reports. Metabolic syndrome can include several specific diseases or abnormalities, such as: abdominal obesity, increased blood lipids, high blood pressure, inflammation, thrombosis, insulin resistance or impaired glucose tolerance.

According to scientists, the people with this syndrome require vitamin E by 30-50% more. The fact is that bioavailability of vitamin E in the body of patients with the syndrome is reduced. Plus, in the bodies of these people the increased levels of oxidative and inflammatory stress are observed.

Vitamin E protects cells, influences on the expression of genes and the immune system and helps to recover after injuries. Vitamin E is important for the nervous system. It controls fats. Experts caution that the level of Vitamin E may be sufficient in the blood, but in body tissues it is not always enough. That is why its deficit often develops in the latent form. Vitamin E is found in almond, wheat germ, seeds of various oils, spinach and cabbage.

Source: МEDdaily