Experts advance in the development of first vaccine against streptococcus

A group of scientists from Britain and Australia are researching bacteria causing scarlet fever. According to the scientists, they are quite ready to start work on a vaccine, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. We are talking about group A streptococcus. This pathogen being one of the most deadly bacteria causes not only scarlet fever.

Infections caused by such pathogen kill more than 500,000 people a year. Streptococcus causes the development of scarlet fever, erysipelas, rheumatic fever, pharyngitis, periodontitis, abscesses, pneumonia, meningitis and many other dangerous conditions.

The researchers have deciphered DNA of more than 200 streptococcus type A samples from 22 countries, including African and Australian Aboriginal communities. The analysis allowed to identify common genes for almost all strains. Based on this knowledge, the scientists have found molecular targets that may help to create a universal vaccine.

Source: MADdaily