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Experts believe that hospitals will disappear by 2030

According to the forecast of experts from the United States, in 15 years, hospitals will not be necessary for people due to personalized medicine and nanotechnology. Doctors will be soon switched from treatment to prevention of disease. And traditional clinics are no longer needed, RIA "VladTime" reports.

According to the experts, patients will be able to carry out the majority of diagnostic procedures by themselves with the help of smartphones and other gadgets. And the remote video conference will replace the usual doctor’s consultation. The progress of regenerative medicine will also play an important role.

Physicians can receive all information regarding the patients’ health by means of their mobile devices. Surgeons are likely to be replaced by micro-robots. In addition, the organs for transplantation will be printed by means of 3D-printer. The experts believe that in the developed countries such future will come very soon.

Source: MEDdaily