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Experts considered the full course of antibiotics to be undue and dangerous

Few are aware how to take antibiotics. Tass notes:” It is widely accepted that antibiotics treatment can’t be stopped earlier than recommended, despite the regression. The World Health Organization also says about that, but the Medical School of Brighton and Sussex’s staff claim the opposite"

The report says: "The idea, that the early cessation of antibiotic treatment furthers bacterial resistance, is not proved, while taking drugs longer than necessary increases the risk of its arising." The misperception of the necessity of the entire course administration arose at the beginning of their use. While his Nobel speech in 1945, Alexander Fleming described a harmful, in his opinion, case when an imaginary patient with streptococcal infection takes underdose penicillin, and Streptococcus develops resistance to the antibiotic. 

"When a patient takes antibiotics for any reason, sensitive types and strains on the skin are replaced by resistant ones and those which can later cause infection in the intestines and in the environment. The longer these bacteria are treated with antibiotics, the more severe selection in favor of resistant types and strains. For example, such resistance to methicillin has progressed in aurocossus, and there is few evidence that the recommended antibiotic courses are practically the minimum required period of their admiration. The very notion of antibiotic course neglects the fact that different patients can react differently to the same antibiotic, "- the experts share.

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