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Experts dispelled the common myth about IVF

Some believe that IVF is associated with decreased intelligence in children. However, experts from India say that children, conceived by means of reproductive technologies including IVF, have no differences in their level of cognitive development compared to those children who were conceived naturally, The Indian Express reports.

In addition, the scientists noted that a lot of children conceived using IVF were more intelligent than children conceived naturally. They were better in cognitive tests. According to the researchers, earlier the assisted reproductive technologies significantly increased the probability of multiple pregnancies, premature births and low birth weight in newborns. As we known a low birth weight increases the risk of cognitive development problems.

Experts say that a lot of things have changed in recent years. Progress in the area of assisted reproductive technologies has reduced the probability of multiple pregnancies and the related risks. Also, researchers have noted that IVF is preferable at a young age.

Source: The Indian Express.