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Experts have identified new genetic risk factors for psoriasis

It has long been known about genes associated with psoriasis. Each of them plays a relatively small role. Scientists from the University of Michigan have found new genetic ways and potential targets for medicines for psoriasis. They have found 16 genetic markers of the disease, reports.

The scientists have analyzed genomic data for more than 39,000 people. The experts noticed two noteworthy ways, including genes IL-23 and HLA. Today’s psoriasis medications are aimed at IL-23 and IL-17 cytokine that is produced in the response to IL-23. The scientists hope that their findings will help in the development of new methods of psoriasis treatment.

According to another study conducted at the University of Copenhagen, weight loss alleviates the symptoms of psoriasis. The study involved 60 people with obesity and psoriasis. The volunteers lost about 15 kilograms for 16 months. Due to weight loss, the quality of life of participants has increased significantly. In addition, the symptoms of psoriasis became less pronounced. The positive effect persisted a year later.