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For the first time an experimental treatment has defeated HIV

In previous works on this method of HIV treatment, the researchers have demonstrated that the CRISPR / Cas9 system is able to remove the genetic sequences of the immunodeficiency virus from the host cells (virus host), without negative effect on it.

But all the previous surveys were conducted only in vitro cell culture, obtained in patients with HIV, and till this moment any research with the participation of a living organism wasn’t conducted.

In the current study, the biologists and geneticists have checked whether the gene can modify the technology to eliminate HIV from the body in laboratory animals. During the experiment the transgender mice with genes of the virus embedded in each cell of each organ were exposed by CRISPR system.

Two weeks later since the beginning of the experiment, the scientists have analyzed the DNA of the experimental animals. The HIV target segment was excised from the genome in every tissue, including brain, kidney, liver, lung, spleen and blood cells. The HIV RNA analysis has showed that its number was strongly decreased in lymphocyte cells, as well as lymph nodes.

 Source: Eurolab