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For the first time, injectable drugs can be replaced with a robotic tablet

California biotech company Rani Therapeutics has long been working on a new project, in particular, a robotic tablet RaniPill. It is designed to replace drug injections requiring frequent administration (such as insulin).

The idea of creating such tablet is not new, and many attempts have been made, but many of them have failed. No one has yet been able to get around the destructive effects of digestive enzymes, which break down an oral drug before it is absorbed into the small intestine. However, Rani Therapeutics has managed to develop a coating that would protect the tablet from the extremely acidic stomach environment. The tablet enters the intestine, where the medicinal agent is injected into intestinal wall by using microneedles. The injection is completely painless and RaniPill can be used to deliver proteins, peptides and antibodies. Preclinical studies of 9 medicinal agents, monoclonal antibodies and antidiabetic drugs were also carried out.