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Geneticists have found factors affecting the development of hypertension

Scientists from London Royal College have tested 9.8 million genetic variants in 420,000 people. The experts have found 107 new genes associated with high blood pressure. A lot of these 107 genes were expressed in large volumes in vascular and cardiovascular tissues.

According to the experts, these genes may be a new drug target within the treatment of hypertension. Also, scientists have developed a genetic risk assessment system to predict the risk of stroke and ischemic heart disease. According to the risk assessment system the higher score, the higher possibility to have high blood pressure by age 50.

The people who get the highest scores have the pressure increased by 10 millimeters, compared to the people who get the lowest scores. Moreover, every 10 millimeters above the norm increase the possibility of heart disease and stroke by about 50%.

The experts are convinced that this discovery will allow to perform a genetic testing in childhood. A genetic predisposition can not be changed. But when you know your characteristics, it is possible to adjust the lifestyle by reducing the risk of health problems significantly.

Source: МEDdaily