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Geneticists suggested an effective method against tuberculosis

Cornell University has presented a discovery which will allow to create effective drugs for tuberculosis. According to Zee News, this is about a key metabolic mechanism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

To maintain the infection these bacteria have to seize lipids (fats) such as cholesterol and fatty acids. And now, genes associated with cholesterol metabolism have been revealed. In particular, LucA gene has attracted the attention of scientists. The protein, encoded by LucA, has proved to be an integral membrane protein required for absorption of fatty acids and cholesterol by tubercle bacilli.

In addition, LucA interacts with subunits of certain proteins in Mce1 and Mce4 complexes importing fatty acids and cholesterol. So, LucA stabilizes the vectors because without it, Mce1 and Mce4 will simply disintegrate. Therefore, in order to fight tuberculosis it makes sense to use these compounds inhibiting LucA activity.

Source: Zee News