Genetics have shed light on asthma that does not respond to conventional treatment.

A large-scale study of people with asthma was carried out (severity ranged from moderate to severe). According to Medical Express this study has allowed to learn more about the disease. It is known that in 10-15% of cases, asthma does not respond to standard therapy. To understand this, scientists decided to investigate genetic information of about 10,000 people with asthma and almost 50,000 people from the control group. 

The analysis has revealed new genetic variants associated with moderate and severe asthma, as well as the risk of developing this ailment itself. In particular, three points in the genome have attracted the attention of the scientists. The first point is associated with the production of mucins – the main components of mucus. 

The second point is associated with allergic reactions, including eczema and hay fever. The third one is associated with multiple autoimmune diseases, which are typical for the situation when the immune system attacks the tissues of its own body. Also, the scientists have confirmed the presence of selected genetic variants of inflammatory pathways.

 Source: MEDdaily