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Genetics have shown the place in the genome where all allergic reactions are associated

Scientists have identified more than 100 genes acting as risk factors for severe allergic reactions, hay fever, eczema and asthma, Zee News reports. Earlier, it has been already established that these ailments have a single genetic basis. However, geneticists did not know where the problem genes affecting the functioning of the immune system exactly were.

Only nowadays, scientists have managed to find 136 independent problem genetic variants. 73 of them were discovered for the first time. So, genetics have identified 132 nearby genes, which are important for the development of allergies. The genomes analysis was carried out in 360,000 people. Genetic variants of 180,000 patients with allergic reactions and a material of 180,000 people from the control group were compared.

Experts emphasize that both genetics and external influence are important for the development of allergy. If a person inherits problem genes from his parents, this may make such person prone to all allergic reactions, especially under poor external conditions.

Source: Zee News.