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Google develops a new nanoparticle-based drug

Google is going to develop a tablet that can detect the risk of heart attack and stroke, diagnose cancer, and identify symptoms of other diseases at an earlier stage.

The diagnostic complex will be in the form of a tablet, which includes magnetic nanoparticles that can detect markers of cancer, stroke and heart attack in the blood. The company also plans to synchronize the work of these particles and the bracelet. Thanks to the magnetic component, the nanoparticles will send a signal to a specialized device in the form of a bracelet.

Early diagnosis will treat various types of cancer. For example, pancreatic cancer is now detected only in the late stages, when a person can no longer be cured. Constantly checking your blood for signs of cancer will help you to detect the disease before symptoms appear.

Now the development of technology is at an initial stage. The project is led by Google X which is a research and development unit.