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Half of the deaths due to ischemic heart disease could be eluded if people ate healthy food and gave up smoking

Half of estimated 400,000 deaths due to ischemic heart disease in the United States of America could be eluded if people ate healthy food and gave up smoking. These are the results of the conducted investigation.

Conclusions of the scientists, who studied risk factors in case of cardiovascular diseases, were published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO). It is established that since 1990s the improvement of health as for strengthening of cardiovascular system has stopped due to abrupt growth of obesity and diabetes rate. 

The number of lethal outcomes in the USA caused by heart diseases can be decreased 2-folds, if "every second smoker gives up this harmful habit". Only in the USA it would decrease the number of smokers from 25 to 12 per cent of the population. 

The investigation also demonstrated that positive measures aimed at the change of people’s behavior have beneficial influence on the condition of their cardiovascular system. 

"Giving up smoking, consuming healthy food and going in for sports regularly, people can decrease significantly the risk of development of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes," – Shanthi Mendis, Coordinator of the issues of chronic diseases prevention of the WHO, remarks. 

Change of people’s behavior is the main problem for Healthcare organs. Scientists from Liverpool University prove that: "Life style is the main factor that conditions the state of health for many people in the world".

According to the report, nearly one billion of adults suffer from overweight, and unless urgent measures are taken by 2015 their number will increase up to 1.5 billion. The number of cardiovascular diseases dropped from 1970s until 1990s, when there was noted a certain reduction in consumption of products with high content of cholesterol, as well as decrease in the number of smokers and increase of people’s physical activity, but with the lapse of time obesity had stopped the whole process, the investigation says. 


Adopted from: MIGnews