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Impotence can be a precursor of a heart attack

According to German scientists, sexual frustration in men is a precursor of a heart attack, as well as a precursor of death due to cardiovascular diseases in men of the risk.

Having analyzed medical histories of 1,519 men from 13 different countries, who suffered from cardiovascular diseases, scientists have established that those patients who also suffered from impotence were 2-folds liable to the development of cardiac attacks or death. 

There are different reasons of sexual frustration development (endocrine, psychological, vascular), but all of them lead to the disturbance of blood flow to the penis, which in its turn leads to male erectile disorder. Specialists think that the patients diagnosed with erectile dysfunction should be sent for examination of cardiovascular system, so to prevent the disease, if possible. 

Some experts think that during regular medical examinations in men over 40, medical workers should ask if the patients have episodes of sexual frustration. 

The results of the study were published in Journal Circulation. 


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