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Indian developers have presented a unique wheelchair

It goes around obstacles by itself, understands when a person is under stress or tired. As the Eurek Alert says, the wheelchair has a built-in navigation system, an advanced safety system and a warning system. The processor in the chair is able to scan the surrounding space on six levels.

Moreover, the wheelchair has a cognitive navigation system (responds to a voice). The wheelchair immediately warns the user or medical staff about the problem. Also, it monitors heart rate, temperature and other vital signs. A prototype of the chair has been already designed, and scientists hope to bring it on a market in the near future.

By the way, the brain of people with disabilities is able to adapt to the presence of the wheelchair, as if it is a complete part of the body. In particular, when loss of limb a compensatory mechanism is activated (the internal "body map" is changed). The scientists observed this phenomenon in 55 people who have to use a wheelchair because of spinal cord injuries.

It turned out that the people, who can use their hands, can easily manage the wheelchair due to its well inscribing in a "body map". When it was necessary to use the wheelchair, the brain activated automatic mode. As a result, the body operated more efficiently and reduced the risk of injury. For instance, people can easily pick up some item from the floor or overcome obstacles. By the way, a situation with any subject that people often use. It may be even a hammer.

Source: MEDdaily