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Influenza virus is going to become a terrible weapon against cancer

A common influenza virus has a unique power that can destroy cancer cells in cancer patients, The Daily Mail reports. As part of the experiment, scientists are going to test the in vivo-derived strain of influenza. It will be administered to sick mice and several patients with cancer.

So, the flu strain will be tested on 500 volunteers with advanced cases of liver cancer. According to the scientists, this treatment may cause mild symptoms of influenza. But there is nothing to worry about. It is known that the volunteers will be treated with a chemically modified virus (the virus will be injected directly into the tumor in a single dose).

The virus may be effective due to its ability to get into cancer cells. Inside the cell the virus will start to propagate itself. As a result, because of overfilling the cell with the virus will burst. Then the virus will spread to neighboring cancer cells. The scientists hope that the virus will cope with metastases, without causing significant harm to healthy cells.

Source: The Daily Mail.