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Insulin injections may be replaced with a plaster

Diabetic patients often face problems (fear of injections, social stigma and daily routine violation) preventing them from efficiently using insulin and managing their illness. Some technological advances that facilitate insulin delivery can eliminate many of the above problems. American scientists have proposed another one solution such as a hormone plaster.
According to a new study, the insulin plaster is able to provide the same effective and safe glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes as standard insulin pens.
Researchers from the United States have carried out a randomized controlled trial in which 278 adults with type 2 diabetes (average age 59.2 years) from 62 clinical centers were randomly divided into groups using the insulin plaster or insulin pen. 44 weeks study has allowed to compare the experience of patients with two types of glycemic control, and has shown that the plaster can be a comfortable alternative to injections. This plaster may improve the quality of life in such patients. The frequency of adverse events in both groups did not differ significantly.

Source: HEALIO