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Medical Breakthrough: in Ukraine, visitors will be allowed to come into intensive care

The corresponding order of Ministry of Health came into force on Wednesday, June 29, 2016. Persons who are not parents of patient-child are entitled to access under the stipulation that the oral consent of a parent or legal representatives has been given. In intensive care, there can be no more than two visitors in one patient at the same time. In exceptional cases, the number of guests can be increased by permission of the doctor. However, the guests are strictly forbidden to interfere with the operation of the equipment and interfere with the treatment process. It is also not allowed to interfere in the work of health professionals. Health facilities should provide the most favorable conditions for the visitors so they can support the patients. We note that the new regulations are applied to all departments, units and resuscitation wards of all health facilities of any form of ownership and legal form of organization. Recall that in the capital the outdoor children's resuscitation acts for ten years. These doctors said that the fear, such as the new format will transform the place into a courtyard, is absolutely groundless. Admission is controlled and the visitor undergoes disinfection and changes his clothes.


Source: Ministry of Health of Ukraine