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Million of lives can be saved thanks to 15-years old inventor

Among all kinds of the deceases pancreatic cancer is the most dangerous one. It is practically impossible to diagnose this decease at early stage that complicates the treatment. 

Already existed tests are expensive and ineffective. That’s why scientific world with a big enthusiasm met the invention of 15-years old teen from Maryland, who invented a cheap and easy way to detect pancreatic cancer at early stage. Teenager’s invention can potentially save thousands of lives. 
As Jack Andraka said he started to take an interest in this topic after the  death of his close person “I surfed the web and found out that in 85% of cases, pancreatic caner is diagnosed too late, at the stage when the chances to survive are extremely low, only 2 %. I decided to change it. Something must be done.”
From the web Jack found out that the level of mesothelin in the blood of sick people rises. Jack asked to attend a laboratory of Johns Hopkins University and elaborated simple paper strip. One drop of blood or urine is enough to detect cancer symptoms. He also noted that “This sensor is 400 times more sensitive, 168 times faster and 26 000 times cheaper than its predecessors”.  We can only guess how many lives will be saved with the help of the test constructed by the teenager from Crownsville, Maryland.

Source: Eurolab.