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Mineral water is a valuable source of calcium

A new study conducted at the University of Hanover, has shown that mineral water can be as an alternative to dairy products. It can satisfy the body's need for calcium. It is important that water is not as high in calories as dairy products, Zee News reports.

The study involved 21 people. Scientists evaluated the absorption of 300 mg of calcium from three types of mineral water, milk and calcium supplements. Scientists have established that calcium is equally well absorbed from all the sources. Other minerals in water did not affect the absorption of calcium.

According to the scientists, a calcium concentration is usually labeled on a mineral water bottle. According to the recommendations of German experts, people should take 1000 mg of calcium per day. It means they need to drink two liters of mineral water with a calcium content of 500 mg per liter or more than 3 cups of milk. In the US, the recommended calcium daily rate is 1300 mg.

Source: Zee News.