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Neuromarketing: Marketing joins its efforts with medicine

According to a new analysis done by researches of Duke University and Emory University, using advanced tools to see human brain during its work, new generation of marketing specialists may be able to check the demand for the product even before its development.

So called "neuromarketing" used means of modern science about human brain, such as functional MRI, and apply them in order to obtain somewhat abstract sympathy and antipathy of the consumer. 

Although it looks like marketologists read people’s mind (more than they already do), neuromarketing may turn to be an available way for marketologists to gather information, which have not been available before, or the one, which consumers themselves may not be fully aware of, Dan Airlie, Professor of psychology and behavioral economy says. 

In prospective extract of Airlie’s investigation from journal Nature Reviews, there are suggested some pieces of advice about what should be considered when a firm conducts neuromarketing and what ethical ideas may be developed for this new type of activities. 

Neuromarketing will never be rather cheap to substitute focus-groups and other methods used for assessment of existing products and advertising, but it may have real prospects in case of changing intentional and unintentional reaction of the consumer at the stage of development of such different products as "food, entertainment, constructions and political candidates", Airlie says.


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