New device may slow the growth of brain tumors

Scientists from the US have managed to slow down the growth of glioblastoma (the most aggressive form of brain cancer) by using a new device. This device is attached to the shaved part of the patient's head and generates low-intensity electric fields continuously. A network of isolated electrodes directs the fields to a tumor, reports.

The patient should wear the device all the time (except for small breaks to move the electrodes). The power source is a small battery. The patients who treated with the device and underwent chemotherapy have lived about 21 months, and those who underwent chemotherapy only – 16 months. Many patients who were treated with the device have lived for 2-4 years after the diagnosis.

According to the researchers, thanks to the new method of treatment about 43% of patients may be stay alive for more than 2 years. The levels of side effects of treatment in the different groups did not differ. The most common complaint of patients with the device was a mild or moderate skin irritation in the scalp area.