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New remedy adjusts the immune system to fight cancer

A lot of tumors protect themselves from the body's immune system by creating a barrier from tangled blood vessels. Those vessels feed the tumor and prevent the immune cells to attack the tumor. As Medical Xpress notes, scientists of the University of Western Australia and Harry Perkins Medical Research Institute have developed a new remedy that can solve this problem.

Inside of the tumor, the remedy promotes the formation of normal blood vessels and structures similar to lymph nodes. Thanks to this, the immune system is able to fight the tumor from the inside. Experiments have shown that the remedy can improve the effectiveness of treatment of lung and pancreatic cancer.

By the way, scientists of the National Technological University "MISiS" along with scientists from Sakha Indian Institute of Nuclear Physics recently presented a new method to diagnose cancer - gold nanoparticles in the form of stars. The particles can identify cancerous processes at the earliest stages.

Source: Medical Xpress.