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New test will predict the recurrence of breast cancer

A lot of women with breast cancer have to undergo unnecessary chemotherapy. Scientists have developed a new test for women with ER +/HER2-breast cancer called Oncotype DX. It shows the likelihood of a recurrence of cancer. As Zee News notes, the tumor samples removed during the surgery are needed for the test.

Scientists have already carried out a study involving more than 4000 patients. The scientists have found that the test coped with its task successfully, even when metastases in the lymph nodes presented. According to the study result 98% of the participants with a low probability of relapse, who did not undergo chemotherapy, lived for at least 5 years without relapse. Chemotherapy was not required for those women.

By the way, scientists of the Mayo Clinic say that Z-endoxifene safely and effectively reduces tumors in women with ER-positive metastatic breast cancer. Z-endoxifene is a potent derivative of tamoxifen - another drug against ER-positive metastatic breast cancer.

Source: Zee News.