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New vaccine saves adults and children from dangerous viruses

As Zee News notes, scientists have revealed an antibody that prevents Dengue and Zika viruses. As we know the first virus causes headaches, fever and muscle pains. The second virus is dangerous for children. In case of infection of a pregnant woman the virus causes birth defects.

Antibodies remain in the bloodstream for weeks. Therefore, according to scientist of Washington University, it is enough to introduce antibodies one or a couple of times during pregnancy to guarantee the protection of the mother and her unborn child.

The antibodies’ efficacy was tested on mice. As it turned out, more than 80% of the mice, that did not receive antibodies, have died. A different situation was observed when the antibodies were administered within the first days after infection. All animals have survived. But when the antibodies were administered five days after the infection, then only 40% of animals have survived.

Also, the scientists have tested the effect of antibodies with relation to a fetus infected with Zika virus. On the 13th day of fetal development, the concentration of the genetic material of Zika virus was 600,000 times lower in the placenta and 4,900 times lower in the heads of the pregnant mice when the antibodies were administered the day after the infection. Unfortunately, the later administration of antibodies reduced the effectiveness of therapy.

Source: Zee News