Now we know, where we can find a universal remedy for all flu strains

Virologists have identified three types of antibodies that can neutralize the different strains of influenza virus. This is another step towards obtaining a universal flu vaccine. As it is known due to mutations of the virus, seasonal influenza vaccine has to be updated each year. However the virus has a constant part which might be an ideal target for vaccine’s antibodies.

If the development vaccine will be able to trigger the activation of such antibodies, then it will work against several influenza strains at once.

Scientists have tested the blood samples of six volunteers vaccinated against H5N1 virus (bird flu). B cells (a type of white blood cells that respond to infection by antibodies’ release) have been found in these samples. These cells responded to different subtypes of the virus. Further, the scientists classified the genetic sequence of the produced antibodies.

As a result, it was established that B cells encoded three classes of antibodies neutralizing various types of influenza virus. They can be the basis for a universal vaccine.

Source: Eurolab