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Omega-3 fatty acids can prevent alimentary infection

Scientists from the University of South Denmark have established that omega-3 fatty acids "turn off" certain genes of listeria - bacteria that cause listeriosis. It is important that omega-3 acids do not kill the listeria because under the threat of death the bacteria produce resistance. Walnuts, olive oil and salmon are in omega-3 acids, The Daily Mail reports.

In vitro the experts subjected Listeria monocytogenes bacteria to different concentrations of omega-3 acids. The study has shown that omega-3 started to affect the bacteria in 30 minutes after the

introduction of the acid. Fatty acids "turned off" the bacteria genes responsible for the ability to cause infection.

Scientists hope that their discovery will help to develop new methods of listeriosis treatment. Probably, omega-3 acids can fight not only with listeria, but also with other bacteria resistant to modern antibiotics.

Source: The Daily Mail.