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Oncologists have found the true cause of cancer

The University of Northern Carolina has established that mainly cancer develops as a result of the interaction of bacteria and glycoprotein MUC1, which covers the surface of epithelial cells in the body. According to Eurolab, MUC1 is present in almost all glandular epithelial cells.

MUC1 can either resist inflammation, protecting the body from the attack of bacteria, or enhance the inflammatory processes causing the formation of cancerous tumors. The scientists have calculated that one fifth of all malignant tumors are associated with infections, viruses or bacteria.

As it turned out, a chronic inflammation always plays a key role. “Now it’s known that about 20% of all cancerous tumors, especially malignant tumors of the epithelium, are associated with any infection, and the main cause of cancer is a constant inflammation of the internal organs,” the university’s report said.

Source: Eurolab