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People consuming more than six cups of tea a day decrease the risk of cardiac diseases by one third

According to the study conducted by Dutch scientists, consumption of several cups of tea and coffee a day may prevent the development of cardiac diseases.

Experts base their conclusion on data received from 13-year observation of 40,000 people. According to the results of this study, people who consume more than six cups of tea a day decrease the risk of heart disease by one third. Similar results are obtained in case of consuming from two to four cups of coffee: the risk of the disease decreases by 20%.

At the same time scientists underline that in case of significantly greater coffee consumption this therapeutic effect disappears. However, they add that large dosed of this beverage in no way increase the risk of untimely death caused by any disease, including cancer and stroke. 

Experts say that most useful compounds contained in tea are antioxidants polyphenols. According to some data, adding milk to tea reduces their positive effect to zero; however, some scientists do not support this fact. Anyway, people in Holland are used to drink coffee with little milk and tea – without it.

It has been ascertained that coffee contains compounds able both to decrease and increase the risk of health: on the one hand, coffee may increase cholesterol level, on the other – helps liquidate inflammatory processes associated with cardiac disease. 

"The results of the study will make happy those who like tea and coffee, - one of the authors, Professor Yvonne van der Show, says. – Most probably, these beverages are useful for heart and do not increase the risk of death due to other diseases".

Representatives of British charity organization British Heart Foundation welcomed the results of work carried out by Dutch scientists. 

"This study is another argument in favor of the fact that tea and coffee in moderate doses do not harm most of people and even may decrease the risk of development of cardiac diseases and death due to them", - Ellen Mason of British Heart Foundation says. 

"But it is necessary to remember, that the most important condition for maintenance of proper work of the heart is healthy lifestyle, - the expert continues. – Let us say, a cigarette that accompanies a cup of coffee, reduces all positive effect to zero. And if you constantly drink tea sitting in front of the TV for hours without any physical load, - I doubt whether it does any good to your heart".


Adopted from: BBC