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Physicians: tattooing may result in an infection and cancer

The scientists of the University of Copenhagen and the University of Bradford believe that tattoos are harmful. Concerns are caused by the paints that are used for tattooing. These paints are carcinogenic and can provoke not only cancer but also other diseases, "Moskovskiy Komsomolec" writes. The paints contain mercury (red shades) and cobalt (blue, green). The analysis of 21 popular types of paints has revealed toxic substances in 13 of them.

By the way, against the prevalence of tattoos, physicians ascertain the increased number of patients with skin infections. Earlier the European Chemicals Agency had some questions about tattoos’ paints. In any case, all the experts speak about the special harmfulness of red paint. Experts emphasize that the use of colors is not subject to adequate control of the official bodies (the paints used for tattoos are not subject to licensing). The rules and obligations of tattoo’s masters is a separate issue.

So, for today, officially, tattooists are not required to wear gloves, despite frequent contact with the client's blood. Surprisingly, there is no official ban on the use of the same needle in different clients. And this is a direct risk of transmission of HIV and other infections. Not only doctors, but also tattooists had positively reaction on this study. They call for increased control in this field.