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Prevent cancer and slow down aging: scientists have specified the advantages of popular products

Hydroquinone, which is contained in chocolate, tea, coffee and wine, in combination with zinc slows down the aging process in the human body and prevents oxidative stress.

According to, this conclusion was made by scientists from Erlangen-Nuremberg University in Germany. It is reported that zinc chemically bonds with hydroquinones and neutralizes superoxides that promote aging.

"It is believed that superoxides play a special role in the aging process and in some diseases, such as inflammation, cancer or neurodegenerative diseases" – said the scientists.

It is noted that hydroquinones themselves are not capable to destroy harmful compounds. This is possible only with zinc assistance. As you know, peanuts, beef, beans and chicken eggs are the products with a high content of zinc.

According to OBOZREVATEL, the scientists have specified an effective way to prolong your life and healthy aging and to reduce the risk of premature death.