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QR code tablets help to solve a dosage problem

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have told about a new development – a unique drug with QR code. The drugs are made in the form of tablets with substance dose data for the patient needs.

On such tablets the name and surname of the patient are indicated and additional information that may be important in the treatment process as well. QR code is formed from the substances of the preparation itself by printing on an inkjet printer. The tablet coating is made of edible material. The basis of QR code is lactic acid, ethanol and food coloring.

This discovery will help doctors to create special preparations containing a certain amount of drugs for every single patient. This approach is more individualized and optimal for effective treatment.

It is important to note that pharmaceutical corporations produce tablets on a large scale with specific dosages. In such cases, doctors prescribe people to take medication several times a day so that the right amount of the beneficial substance gets into the body.