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Researchers have developed a method that actually prolongs life

Scientists from Moscow State University and Harvard University have revealed that lifetime can be prolonged by slowing the process of assembling new proteins in cells and by accelerating their processing, RIA Novosti reports. Sergey Dmitriev from the Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology, Moscow State University comments: "Some of the recently discovered substances that inhibit the assembly of proteins significantly prolong the lifetime of various organisms. This gives hope that in the near future the protein synthesis modulators that may help humanity to prolong the active and healthy period of life without any side effects, will be designed. "

It is known that in many respects the rate of aging is determined by how quickly DNA damage accumulates and how often cells divide. It is also important how efficiently the cells recycle "trash", including damaged proteins. It was proved that under fasting conditions, the cells of the body begin to process the proteins they already have more efficiently and to collect new copies of their molecules less often.

Experts are looking for a way to activate the genes responsible for the accelerated processing of proteins and the slowed assembly of their new molecules by means of synthetic drugs or natural substances. Studies have shown that almost all gene chains associated with the assembly or processing of proteins changed their work as they grew older. In addition, many of the "aging genes" were directly related to the synthesis and destruction process of protein molecules.

Source: MadDaily