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Researchers have found out how to restore muscle after an injury as soon as possible

A study conducted by Northwestern University has shown that weekly administration of glucocorticoid steroids, such as prednisone, helps to accelerate recovery in muscle injuries. As Xinhua notes, this conclusion is based on the results of experiments in rodents. But, according to the scientists, the discovery will be useful for the therapy of people with muscular dystrophy.

In the study, the ordinary mice received steroids before the injury and within two weeks after injury (a dose per week). There was also a control group. It turned out that the animals from the main group ran better even after the injury, and their muscles were stronger compared to the animals from the control group.

Also, the drug was tested in a muscular dystrophy animal model. As might be expected, the drug made the animals stronger with a weekly injection. Basically, doctors already prescribe steroid drugs such as prednisone for daily use. However, at such treatment scheme, the muscle tissue, on the contrary, begins to be depleted. Now it is proved the weekly administration is more effective.

Source: Xinhua