Researchers have learnt more about stuttering

As Psych Central notes scientists from Germany have found that stuttering is associated with the hyperactivity of the neural network in the right frontal lobe of the brain. According to the experts, this neural network prevents the planning of articulatory movements and their implementation. Due to this, a person stutters.

Previous studies have shown that stuttering people have the impaired balance of activity of the cerebral hemispheres. In stutterers the activity in the left frontal lobe of the brain is reduced, but in the right one is increased. The researchers have decided to understand what the basis of stuttering is. The experts have carried out the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in people who stutter from their childhood. In the process of scanning, the participants were thinking about spelling the names of the months.

The neural pathway in the right frontal lobe of stuttering people was much more active compared to the participants who did not stutter. The more active this pathway is, the more a person stutters. The scientists have concluded that hyperactivity of the right frontal lobe interferes with the work of the brain regions responsible for speech.

Source: Psych Central.