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Researchers learned more about HIV

As The Deccan Chronicle notes, scientists from the University of Chicago have found out how HIV spreads throughout the body. Probably, the discovery of the scientists may lead to the development of new drugs for HIV infection. According to the scientists, when the cell infected, HIV makes the cell to form a small capsule with the virus from its membrane.

The capsule is separated and sent to infect other cells. The capsule shell disintegrates inside the cell and HIV’s RNA begins to work. The researchers knew that Gag protein complex plays an important role in the capsule separation. However, many things remained unclear. The scientists have created a computer model of Gag work. The experts have modeled the missing parts of the protein complex and observed how these proteins use cells for their own purposes.

Let's remind: earlier Russian researchers have deciphered HIV genome. The experts used MinION – a third generation mini-sequencer. Around the world genetic experts have been using this device since 2015. But in Russia, for the first time, it was officially used for scientific purposes.

Source: The Deccan Chronicle.