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Researchers understood how to defeat cancer

Scientists of the University of Pennsylvania have approached the creation of a new method against cancer. The target of the scientists was the lysosomal enzyme PPT1. As Zee News notes the experts have already developed a drug that effectively fights melanoma, pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer in mice.

PPT1 also controls both an autophagy process allowing cancer cells to survive, and the target of rapamycin (mTOR). It is an enzyme that regulates tumor growth. mTOR is the target of many existing cancer drugs. However, mTOR inhibitors also "activate" the autophagy process; as a result the tumor becomes stable.

The scientists have found that mTOR and the autophagy process complement each other. Due to the autophagy process, mTOR has the nutrients required to stimulate tumor growth. When the nutrients are not required, mTOR "deactivates" the autophagy process. By affecting PPT1, mTOR activity was suppressed and the autophagy process was blocked.

Source: Zee News.