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ROCHE has developed a new rapid test for COVID-19 and provided to US labs.

Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche has designed a rapid test to diagnose SARS-COV-2 virus infection. The manufacturer reports that their product is 10 times faster than the tests that are currently being used in laboratories.

The US regulator has approved the use of the new Roche test in emergency cases as part of efforts to counter COVID-19 pandemic in the world. This is the third test that has received such permission in the United States. The regulator is convinced that rapid tests will allow to respond promptly to threats posed by the coronavirus and save doctors time.

The new Swiss pharmaceutical giant product will also be available in EU countries and other countries that use CE mark for medical devices. At the moment, the manufacturer has already initiated supplying the first batch of tests in 400 thousand copies in laboratories of the United States. The manufacturer notes that the rapid test is intended for medical use only.