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Roflumilast foam helped to reduce psoriasis symptoms

Arcutis Therapeutics reports that roflumilast foam was effective in a Phase II study. It reduced symptoms in patients with the scalp and body psoriasis and provides statically significant improvements of the skin. Roflumilast is phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor and a flagship of Arcutis Therapeutics Company as well.

In the trial, roflumilast 0.3% has been compared to placebo; patients have been used the drug once a day for 8 weeks.  59.1% of patients treated with roflumilast have achieved significant improvements of the skin compared to 11.4% of patients treated with placebo. Also, roflumilast foam reduced the symptoms such as itching. If the approval for commercial use is obtained as a result of the successful completion of three clinical trials, the roflumilast foam will be the first drug with a completely new mechanism of action in decades.


Source: HEALIO