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Scientists believe that fish oil may affect male fertility

According to a new study, men who consume fish oil supplements containing high omega-3 fatty acids may have one benefit – the increased reproductive function.
After studying the data of nearly 1,700 young men, the researchers from the University of Southern Denmark determined that the consumption of fish oil-based dietary supplements was associated with a higher sperm count, larger gonads, and increased levels of hormones supporting male fertility. In men who consumed fish oil supplements in less than 60 days in the last three months, sperm volume was 0.38 ml higher than those who did not take any supplements.
The authors of the study concluded that the sperm membrane composition having high fatty acid concentration is crucial for the normal function of sperm. Thus, the sperm membrane plays a critical role in the fertilization process; therefore, in order to maintain fertility, men should receive polyunsaturated fatty acids with food. In their view, the greatest benefit from the introduction of additional omega-3 in the diet will have men with poor sperm quality.