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Scientists have created new compounds to combat inflammation

For 10 years scientists from the University of Manchester have been worked on the development of powerful inflammatory inhibitors. They have managed to create compounds that suppress the activity of inflammasomes - protein complexes that trigger an inflammatory reaction in many types of cancer, Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular diseases, The Deccan Chronicle reports.

So, these new compounds are aimed at a key inflammatory mechanism. The scientists used a variety of chemical and biological methods to create these compounds. Currently the scientists plan to improve and to test the compounds. Previously, the researchers have found that mefenamic acid reversed memory loss and brain inflammation in mice with Alzheimer's symptoms.

20 animals were implanted with minipumps under the skin for a month. These pumps delivered certain doses of mefenamic acid to 10 mice and a placebo to the rest of mice. By the end of the month, the signs of memory loss completely disappeared in the first group. In the second group, nothing was changed. The experts have established that mefenamic acid affected NLRP3 inflammasoma, which damages the brain cells.

Source: The Deccan Chronicle.