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Scientists have designed a unique model of heart valves

Scientists used 3D printing technology to create individual models of heart valves. They imitate the physiological properties of these heart valves. The scientists say that their invention will increase the success of transcatheter implantation of aortic valves and will avoid complications such as perivalvular leakage.

By means of these new models, doctors will be able to determine whether the valve is good for the patient, The Indian Express reports. The scientists have created the models based on the CT scan of the heart of 18 people who had undergone cardiac valve prosthetic surgery. The models were equipped with radiocontrast balls to measure the degree of displacement of the material imitating the tissue.

By the way, earlier, a team of microbiologists from Trinity College have invented a way to prevent the spread of bacteria through medical devices, including artificial heart valves. The scientists used a blocking peptide. It did not allow bacteria to attach to a medical device.

Source: The Indian Express