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Scientists have developed unique glue for intrauterine operations

One of the major risks of intrauterine surgery is the rupture of amniotic membrane, where the fetus belongs. This membrane does not have the recovery abilities (healing), and any damage of its continuity can cause the leakage of amniotic fluid and preterm labor.

The new glue is intended to help to close the damaged membrane up.

Mytilus edulis helped the researchers to create a substance that can perform its functions even in contact with the liquid. In the nature, despite the water, the mussels attach themselves to a solid surface. They can do it by means of glands secreting a specific substance.

According to the idea of the scientists, during the surgery, the created glue will be attached to the amniotic membrane, and only then, the necessary surgical instruments will be administered through a formed "patch". This procedure should protect the pregnant patient and the fetus from the consequences of possible risk of the rupture.

Source:  Eurolab